For those of you who want to track us down for the huge amount of money we owe you, avert your eyes now!

Firstly, we will be appearing on Payload Studio’s TerraTech Twitch stream at 4pm UK time on Friday 12th June. If you’ve ever wanted to see three awkward, unsociable and derelict examples of human beings, then here’s your chance!

A big thanks to Payload Studios for allowing us on the stream and an extra special thanks to Vincent Scheurer for making it happen!

>Tune in here!<

Secondly, De Mambo will be exhibited at the Manchester Day Games Room this weekend! Located in the Town Hall, it’s free entry for all, from 10am to 5pm on both Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June. Make sure you come visit us if you’re there and remember, we aren’t adverse to bribes when pizza is involved…

>Info here!<

And Finally, De Mambo has been accepted into the Radius Festival, which takes place on the 9-12th July 2015 at the Ovalhalle in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. Definitely come over and talk to us if you happen to be there, as we’ll likely be dishevelled and in need of communication to sustain aliveability.

>Info here!<

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
My mission is to eradicate the life form you humans call pizza. I'm also an artist and writer at The Dangerous Kitchen.