Who are the dangerous kitchen?


The Dangerous Kitchen are indefinable. Your puny human words cannot do justice to their shimmering brilliance. If I wasn’t being paid to write this, I would’ve ended this here. However as the money is being lavishly dropped into my esteemed hands in slow-motion, I will have to continue. The Dangerous Kitchen started out as some sort of weird concoction of animation students who one day decided to make games. After training for numerous years in disguise as the homeless panhandlers who stole many a penny from you, obviously while you were sleeping, they are now ready to take on the gaming world.

Not content with just making games, they will eventually tap into the dark undercurrent of pure evil, burrowed into their wretched souls. Darkness and bloodshed will consume them and when they eventually create their thirteenth game, the ensuing eclipse will devour the entire known universe and–oh, I should also mention how delightful their homemade pizza-fajita delicacy is. Anyway, that’s enough from me. As the money I earn from writing this will fade away to feed my various addictions, so too does the writings of a mad person, for a mad company, fade away into the night…



Lucy's Twitter Lucy's Mail

Lucy is short. Short as in small. Small as in miniature golf is regular golf for her. She is a multi-linguist capable of modelling and animation in 2D, 3D and 4D. Lucy’s reliable nature shines brightly along with her strong motivation to help the Kitchen move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling towards freedom.

Shaun's Twitter Shaun's Mail

Shaun is a grotesque genius, with a face resembling a punched eclair. Inspired by his unwavering belief in the existence of a talking Pizza god, Shaun is the existential visionary of the group. He is always prepared to traverse the planes of the undiscovered and the strange through his writing and art, and NEVER FAILS to oppose the conventional.

Shaun's Twitter Amit's Mail

Amit suffers from a rare disorder called E-Mode. When initiated, headphone shaped flaps develop over his ears rendering the outside world utterly meaningless. A concept artist by day and a struggling musician by night. Amit dishes out his art and music with unparalleled ease and speed, relying on his photographic and audiographic memories.