So after a long week of meeting new people, having some rather glorious meetings and one delicious, mouth-watering pizza that I’m still thinking about… with the extra creamy buffalo mozzarella and the crispy thin crust and the fresh basil leaves—oh god! I’m sorry. It was a darn good pizza…

Anyhow, after a long week, I decided to peruse the 3DS eShop and see if there was anything my paltry £5 credit could buy. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rising Star Games had a sale and took the plunge on Bit Trip Saga on 3DS.

Runner will always hold a special place in my heart, but as I was playing it again, I became slightly emotional. You see, The Dangerous Kitchen was birthed around the time of Runner’s release, when we were plucky university students living in a dank student house, with tiny-humble dreams of world domination.

Notably, Runner was the first indie game we fell in love with, so we placed it on a towering, inspirational pedestal to gaze upon and aspire to. It was a great game made by three people, which at that time was fairly radical. Gaijin Games (now Choice Provisions) are definitely one of the reasons we started The Dangerous Kitchen all those years ago…

It was a really good point in our lives that was amplified by the religious playing of Runner for weeks after its release. You could go to the toilet and hear the sound of Anamanaguchi’s Blackout City trickling in from someone playing Runner elsewhere in the house. We enjoyed it as a group, just hanging out after University playing Runner, watching newcomers fail at timing the jumps on the stairs and everyone being utterly enthralled at Commander Video’s simple rainbow trail.

The reason I became emotional was that if we recall Commander Video’s story, Runner is where he takes his first steps, where he feels the pleasure of exploring life for the first time; he runs toward an unknown future, full of joy. This kind of parallels with where we were at that time: taking our first baby steps regarding The Dangerous Kitchen, sewing the seeds that would eventually sprout into De Mambo.

Playing Runner again just brought back all the memories and was especially poignant since we sort of managed to level up as a company this week. It’s funny how good things can make you look back to where you came from… but a good pizza can unstick you from the boundaries of space-time and show you the infinite possibilities of pure, conscious reality.

Yes, I really enjoyed that pizza.


Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
My mission is to eradicate the life form you humans call pizza. I'm also an artist and writer at The Dangerous Kitchen.