So this might be the last update you get before the De Mambo finally releases worldwide. What a crazy adventure it’s been! We have to thank you dear reader as without you, these sweet, sugary words we force upon you would not fulfil their ultimate journey across the plains of existence into your soft, squishy mind, and would instead be lost in the ether.

So when is De Mambo actually releasing!?

Well, Japan was lucky enough to have the original release date of June 29th. Sadly De Mambo was delayed everywhere else and is now releasing on July 13th in the west! As our loyal backers, you’ll receive your breathtakingly beautiful code of De Mambo on the day of launch!

We’re very sorry if there’s been any confusion about the release date, but it’s been very hectic time for us. As this is our first game, we’re obviously doing things we’ve never done before and the final process of getting a game through the submission process is something we’ve most definitely never done before! It’s a pretty powerful process, especially when your as experienced as us and even with amazingly talented people helping us on the technical side, we struggled. Thankfully we got through it and next time it should theoretically be much easier… well unless our brains mentally regress any faster than they currently are!



Hyper Japan Expo

We’ll be exhibiting De Mambo at the Hyper Japan Expo on July 14th to 16th which will be at our old friend the Tobacco Dock. Info here!

Goodies from across the web

The amazing Martin Robinson from Eurogamer came down to visit us a few weeks ago and wrote this wonderful article on us. Please have a look here!

We also took part in a great interview with Nindie Spotlight which can be found nestled within these words.

Thanks to our superb publisher Chorus Worldwide, we’ve had a lot of Japanese press including Dengeki and Famitsu doing live streams of De Mambo which can be seen here and here. Famitsu also had a massive two page spread of De Mambo and gave us a solid 30/40!

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That’s it for this update! The next time we speak to each other, De Mambo will be unleashed upon the world and we’ll be probably dead from exhaustion!

Things we love this month…

Allan Moore’s Promethea
Twin Peaks Season 3
Arms (the game, not limb)
Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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