Super Smash Bros for 3DS was our goal.

“Lets make a game before Smash—we so won’t be able to concentrate on making games once it’s out!”

Yooksin, currently on hold, seemed like it would not be allowed to exist before October 3rd. No matter how hard we tried to get it made, something always appeared to hinder its progress. It was too soon and so to fulfil our desire to have a game out by the release of Smash, De Mambo was born.

Although merely a demo, with a full release hopefully down the line, De Mambo was a phenomenal experience that increased our understanding of game development ten fold.

Fuelled by what scientists call ‘Pre-Smash Brothers Hypeitis’ we desperately laboured like the hardworking dogs we naturally are, to birth De Mambo.

imageScreened-shot of in-game De Mambo

We took the legendary teachings of Masahiro Sakurai himself and used them to deconstruct and rebuild to what we consider the essence of Smash Bros is. Like modern day video-game alchemists clad in un-ironed clothes and who take food prepared from home to places where they clearly sell food, we embarked on this outlandish journey.

Smash Brothers is something we dearly love. To see the people who make you happy, the friends you’ve worked hard to keep, the family who love you deeply, beaten to pulp and sent flying off the stage like the economic girly men they truly are, is heavenly.

Nothing compares to Smash Bros and the love Masahiro Sakurai uses to glue the game together. De Mambo is a homage to Super Smash Bros, to Masahiro Sakurai and to the love of video-games.

Please enjoy playing it… and try not to forget this game after Smash Bros for 3DS releases, unlike us who will be playing it constantly for the foreseeable future!

You can play the game online via our website and Unity Web Player HERE!

Please also enjoy some animated gifs of two of our team members Mambo-ing the hell out of each other.

More stages playable in-game!




Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
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