Donate De Mambo


How to Donate:

For those of you who were not able to donate to our Kickstarter De Mambo but still wish to, we have opened up a Paypal. Please refer to the list below to choose your reward.

Once the Paypal redirect page appears, please type in your donation amount. Make sure your donation amount corresponds with the reward you have selected, otherwise we will automatically assign the appropriate reward. Thank you very much!



Rewards List




Q: How do I claim a reward through the Paypal payment?

A: You will be able to enter which reward you would like during the Paypal payment process. Just enter the number of the reward into the text box. You can find the numbers for the rewards on the rewards list above.

Q: What name are you going to use in the credits?

A: There will be a survey sent around before release of the game for pledge details and what name should be used in our credits.

Q: How do I select which digital version I want?

A: There will be a survey sent around before release of the game for details on which version of the game you would like to receive.

Q: I have backed through Kickstarter, not PayPal and my card was declined.

A: If you would still like to pledge for the rewards, please donate via the Paypal link above and specify the number of the reward you would like. You can find the number on the rewards list above.