So if you’ve been an avid reader of our brilliantly bulbous blog, then you may have noticed we are a couple slices short of an XL pizza, oh and also that we’ve been hinting at strange happenings on the horizon.

Well today’s the day.

We can officially spill the mouldy beans on what we’ve wanted to talk about for a while.

De Mambo is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo approached us at Bitsummit 4 last year and after many laborious discussions about how much money we wanted to pay them to allow us to be on the (at that time) NX, they decided to not accept our fanboyish money and instead allow us entry into the Kingdom of leave-luck-to-Heaven.

The Switch is the perfect home for De Mambo, something that Nintendo themselves saw, and so we couldn’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity slip away— who else has their first game available in the launch period of a new console!? But, there is one caveat to all this. We are focusing on the Switch version first, before the other versions.

We’ve been working on De Mambo for the last few years, toiling away without the luxury of being paid full time, so we had to choose the wisest business decision. Focusing on the Switch’s launch period could give us far more exposure than other platforms and so we can use this as a springboard to boost De Mambo before we eventually launch on Steam, PS4 and Vita.

Ultimately, even if you’re not planning on getting a Switch, all this means is that we have an incredibly strong deadline to work to and thus the game will get done. So you might have to wait a while, but the other versions will happen… unless we die.


Play De Mambo on Nintendo Switch at EGX Rezzed

The Dangerous Kitchen are somewhat proud to announce that the Nintendo Switch version of De Mambo will be making its first playable appearance at EGX Rezzed 2017 both in the Indie Zone and in Nintendo’s Nindie booth. Double De Mambo, double the funbo. Players can expect to experience a near final build of De Mambo in all it’s pulpy glory, enhanced by the features of the Nintendo Switch.

Grab some tickets from the EGX Rezzed website here and join us!


Survival Mode of the Fittest

We have a new mode to show you, aptly titled Survival Mode. In this co-op mode of survival, you have to repel the evil personal-space invaders as they desperately attempt to steal your personal space by lowering themselves in a rather formulaic fashion like some kind of retro game.

Take a look at the trailer below!

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
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