Now I could be considered an awful human being for admitting this, but I never… finish… games. It’s terrible! I feel awful for my shelf of assorted adventures. If they all had voices they’d be sobbing. Or muttering profanities under their breath. Time is not on my side when it comes to playing and finishing games, and the rare times when I come close, I end up entering some sort of denial mode where I stop playing to convince myself that the world I have fallen in love with, isn’t disappearing on me. I pretty much sicken myself.

Here enters Ghost Trick.

Now this little game, originally on DS and now on the glorious life machine known as iPhone, defeated my unfinished game disease. Now I’m not saying this is my favourite game of all time, but living in such a way where free time is precious, it takes a certain something to devote my full attention.

Hilarious character design, engaging story and pretty aptly clever puzzle mechanics. I guess I’ve chosen you, Ghost Trick, as thanks for getting me out of my unfinished game slump and encouraging my mind to not only play, but create loads of games in 2014. Hey, it’s possible… right?

– Lucy

Lucy Dove
Written by Lucy Dove
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