How to De Mambo

You might be wondering how one is to De Mambo? Well it’s an extremely complicated process involving brains, neurones, eyeballs and your general complete organic matter.

Luckily for you I don’t understand complex mechanisms so all I can do is describe the simple button presses one is to input when playing De Mambo.

De Mambo can be played using one action button for attacking and a D-Pad/Analogue stick for movement. The action button is not one of those normal buttons whereby you press once and you’re done; no De Mambo’s action button is chargeable and allows you to initiate three attacks.

Tap once to do a spike attack, hold for a short amount (wait for the charging circle to appear) and then let go to do a spin attack and hold even longer (wait for the charging circle to touch your character and flash) to do the projectile attack. It’s all about timing and learning the rhythm.

The D-pad controls all movement options, so left and right move you left and right, but double tapping left or right will allow you to dash. Pressing up makes you jump, in which you have three and pressing down will let you ground pound when airborne.

In the event of your demise mid-battle, our patented Loser Rail will help you get revenge on those who wronged you. Just manoeuvre across the entire rail (all four sides of the screen) using the D-pad and press the action button to open your mouth. Grab anyone who dares enter your vicinity to get an extra life!

Knocking opponents off the screen is your goal, but those pesky blocks are sadly in your way. As you play De Mambo, the blocks will break and eventually give you the opportunity to fulfil your goal.

At launch, De Mambo will allow you three ways to play; Mambo, Solo and Survival.

Mambo allows 2-4 humans to assault each other off the screen until only one human is standing.

Solo is for humans who need not the company of other humans to justify their existence and instead wish to participate in a lone wolf gameplay extravaganza.

Survival can be played by 1-4 humans as they desperately attempt to repel the evil personal-space invaders from invading their personal space.