Welcome to the next edition of Newsletter De Mambo, the best way to waste a few minutes of a meaningless existence, to drop off into the abyss of despair and wallow in the darkness of a thousand—oh sorry, I forgot to mention that National Pizza Day was this week, so I hope you treated yourself on this holiest of days. What do we have in store for you this time?

Well, that ol’ quack professor Delta is back again…

De Mambo Colour Psychology With Professor Delta or,
‘How I Learnt to Win in De Mambo’

A long time ago, possibly in 2015, when exhibiting De Mambo, dazed by the tiring drudgery of exerting much energy, I noticed something interesting. It seemed like some players who chose yellow were playing in a certain way. I then noticed that some people who chose red also had their own playstyle, which was fascinating. After discussing my findings with the others, we wondered if every colour has its own playstyle… which led to the creation of this video! De Mambo Colour Psychology With Professor Delta or, ‘How I Leant to Win in De Mambo’! Please enjoy the video and share it around if you can!



Share the Bundle of Joy that is De Mambo

Finally our first sale that isn’t in Japan or North America, but the rest of the world! Enjoy your time to shine, rest of the world as De Mambo is now half price in the Share the Joy Sale on the Nintendo eShop until February 15th.



Now Loading… Bar

We just wanted to give a big thanks to the Nintendo Social Group for hosting us and the great aPriori Digital at the Loading Bar last weekend. We had a great time hanging out, kicking butt in De Mambo and devouring a 26 inch pizza.



Blind Update

So… here is an unspecified image to keep you busy whilst we continue the gruelling process of birthing more content we wish to graft onto De Mambo’s supple body.

P.s. The word of the day is liquor for some unknown reason.


Things we love this month…

Nathan For You
Monster Hunter World
Bojack Horseman Season 3
Coloriages Avec Moebius Book
Animal by Sara Pascoe
Happy! by Naoki Urasawa
Aperion Cyberstorm

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
My mission is to eradicate the life form you humans call pizza. I'm also an artist and writer at The Dangerous Kitchen.