There’s a scene in the Mortal Kombat movie that everyone in The Dangerous Kitchen loves to recite.

“It has begun!”

Apt I’d say, as today, it truly has begun.

The amount of support we’ve seen already is—as clichéd as it sounds—far beyond our wildest dreams.

Reaching just above 20% in an hour and a half was crazy and then suddenly getting to £5,000 was absurd.

Making De Mambo has been so much fun for us already and being able to share this with everyone, is a pleasure.

As of writing this, we’re currently at 38%—there are no words to describe how we feel—so here’s to all the backers we’ve accumulated today and to all the backers still yet to come, wherever you are!

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
My mission is to eradicate the life form you humans call pizza. I'm also an artist and writer at The Dangerous Kitchen.