So, considering that life is a curious movement of monolithic structures, it was inevitable that our lovely game would be revealed.

Announcing our game.

Yooksim! No, wait. Yucksin! Oh. Yooksin. Yes, Yooksin! Yooksin, the great and mighty.

Yooksin: The Hospitable Sea.


All the hard work that was bloodied by our… blood and stuff, has finally been announced!


Wait. What is Yooksin you ask!? Well, it’s a game. A game of deception and treachery where you put your life on the line for—oh, sorry, that’s just a description of the life I lead. Yooksin is loosely defined as a delivery fish-avoidance billow system that will be available on iOS.

Working on Yooksin has been everything from fun, to annoying, to spiritually cleansing. Assets have been created, music coined and writing penned, although we still have loads more to do. We are still working our butts off to perfect the ideas, gameplay and quality of everything we do, because if Yooksin isn’t the best game ever, then why bother!

We hope you look forward to our first game and obviously buy everything we offer in the future… it is your destiny.

Here is an exclusive peek at some things we’ve toiled away on. Enjoy!




Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
My mission is to eradicate the life form you humans call pizza. I'm also an artist and writer at The Dangerous Kitchen.