So, let’s just say it’s fairly crunchy in our current vicinity, but things are going great. De Mambo is ever so close to being fully-born, which is kind of a scary thought, since we’ve been touting it around on the internet and in public exhibitions long before it even had a chance to fully develop.

But, it’s finally time.

We are finally ready to announce the release date of this despicably lovely game we’ve been pouring our various hard-work juices into—blood, sweat and tears before you get any funny ideas. De Mambo’s Nintendo Switch release date is…


The first smashing game on Nintendo Switch will launch with three modes; ‘Mambo’ the 2-4 player multiplayer dance of death; ‘Solo’ the salivating single-player gameplay extravaganza; and ‘Survival’ the 1-4 player co-op mode where survival is the name of the game… literally!

BitSummit De Mambo

De Mambo will once again be clutched by Nintendo, and potentially taken against its will across the Pacific Ocean to Kyoto, Japan for A 5th of BitSummit. De Mambo will be part of Nintendo’s Nindie booth on 20-21st May with the first public appearance of ‘Survival Mode’.

Look What the Cat Dragged In

So last month we were in a Nintendo Direct, which was phenomenal, but this month, something far more spectacular occurred…

De Mambo was featured in the Cat Mario Show, the most prestigious game related internet show of all time. This show is so marvellous, some critics even call it the Citizen Kane of Youtube content.

Take a look below (7:25)!

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
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