So it’s been a very long couple of weeks for us! The long radio silence was sadly a combination of spotty Japanese Internet—we couldn’t use 3G/4G either—and then extreme exhaustion from exhibiting and jet lag etc., but regardless, we must apologise.

We travelled to Japan on the 14th of September for the Tokyo Games Show, thanks to the wonderful people at Chorus Worldwide, to exhibit De Mambo in the Indie section. Let’s just say that our Japan experience was immense. As lame as it may sound, we really felt that Japan was our spiritual home.

As game designers—especially designers interested in Japanese games design—Japan was almost like a video game in itself. One example was the traffic lights, which had health bars that decreased to show how much of the green light was left. This most probably existed before games did, but it was fascinating to see such design embedded into Japanese culture. It really helped us feel welcome in such a foreign place.

At TGS, some of us were slightly worried at how the Japanese public would react to De Mambo, but thankfully, they loved it. We’ve never seen anyone pick up the controls so quickly before and reach such a good level of skill so quickly. It was honestly a pleasure to play De Mambo with everyone at TGS, as we had some intense matches!


Thanks to the amazing Ryuji at Chorus, we received a lot of attention from the Japanese gaming press, including Famitsu and 4Gamer:

Finally, we’d like to thank all of our backers so much for supporting us! We’re now in the final stretch, so please share and spread the good word!

You can find our Kickstarter page at the link below:

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
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