Welcome to the latest edition of myself rambling on about some kind of Dangerous Kitchen and that crazy dance game called De Mambo. A lot has happened since we last met, but at the same time… absolutely nothing has happened.

The End is Nigh

Anyway, I hate to say it, but the end is near. It’s the end of the beginning of the final stretch… of the final stretch, to be more precise, so we still have a long time before we unleash De Mambo upon the world.

Since the end of Kickstarter, we’ve been really busy planning on how to create a 51-carat solid-gold pizza, that is indeed edible for those of us with animal teeth—oh and planning the final game, obviously.


Currently at 14-carats and inedible.

Planning the final game is hard. No longer can we haphazardly run amok with our decisions. Everything needs to be efficient and outlined before we even start to build the final game.

Currently, we’re working on our un-patented ‘Blockpendium’ trying to come up with as many new blocks that we can. Some of us like to shout out random words and watch the others squirm as they try to come up with justifiable gameplay function; as who doesn’t love the idea of a concrete-squirrel-octopus block and need it in the game!?

GameCity De Mambo

A GameCity exclusive – Broken TV Mode!

On Halloween we ended up exhibiting De Mambo at Gamecity and met some amazing people, like Peter Harries from Butcherlab working on Theo and Lizzy, Nick Holder from Badger Hammer working on Idioctopus and Geraldo Nascimento working on GunKatana.

We also had the pleasure of being interviewed by the great Keith Stuart from The Guardian, which you can listen to here!

Farewell—oh wait, one more thing! We’re heading back to EGX Rezzed in April 2016! I can only imagine the improvements we’ll have to show you then, so until next time… stay fresh.

Take a look at EGX’s announcement of our existence here!

Things we love this month…


Xenoblade Chronicles X
One Punch Man
Costa’s Festive Drinks
The Bridge III
La Forchetta’s Pizza
Fallout 4


Shaun Roopra
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