It took a while, but De Mambo finally flew the coop and left its parents very proud. It didn’t light up the world with its blazing glory, but for a game with no marketing budget it did great.

This past month we took a break to catch up on some serious Zelda playing and then went straight back to work, planning the necessary steps for the update. Our plan is to do two updates for De Mambo with more multiplayer stages and more singleplayer content that includes new modes to play and other things we’ve received as feedback. We’ll have more solid info on this at a later date as we’re still finalising what can be done etc.


Our old friend, Insomnia…

Unlike The Dangerous Kitchen, De Mambo will have its run in with insomnia as it is involuntarily forced into exhibiting at Insomnia 61!

We’ll be there for all four days so if you’re going, why not come on over and say hello and if your brave enough, challenge us to a duel… oh and maybe a match of De Mambo!

De Mambo will be a part of Payload Studio’s Tentacle Collective (so look for the giant inflatable tentacles!) which will take place at the NEC in Birmingham on August 25-28th.


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Smell ya later…

Things we love this month…

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