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Developer: The Dangerous Kitchen
Asia Publisher: Chorus Worldwide
Nintendo Switch Release Date: 29th June Japan, 13th July Rest of World
Steam Release Date: 17th October Worldwide
Platforms: In development for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux
Price: £9.99, €10.99, $12.99, ¥1,500
Age Rating: PEGI 3, ESRB E, CERO A
Press Contact: Lucy Dove:
Social Networks:Twitter, Facebook

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De Mambo is The Dangerous Kitchen’s first game that lets players take control of up to four characters locked in infinite mambo! Help them escape this horrible—and somewhat provocative—despair! Knock your opponent off the screen… and use your measly one button to attack with three levels of charge! Break the level however you decide (thanks to some flimsy architecture) to make your game marginally different each time you play.


De Mambo is The Dangerous Kitchen’s first game that was for the best part designed and constructed in a Premier Inn. It started as a learning experience to better their games design and programming capabilities. After the initial prototype, they kept on adding until they realised that they had something special.

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  One Button Action – easy to learn, hard to master gameplay designed to use one action button and a D-Pad for movement
  Mambo Multiplayer – roughhouse up to four of your friends/enemies in 25 stages of ‘Mambo’
  Loser Rail – the feature designed to give you a second chance, for those of you not good enough to win
  Flimsy Architecture – breakable environment for reactive gameplay
  Solo Mode – 70+ Singleplayer stages designed to test your might
  Survival Mode – Survive the endless waves of Personal-Space invaders as they try and breach your personal space
  Play with up to four players on one Nintendo Switch™ system

  Colour Accessibility – Enhance player visibility, by editing a palette of player colours that best suit you

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The Dangerous Kitchen is like that nostalgic, homemade dish you loved as a child. The one you rushed home from school for. The dish that even now, the thought of devouring it, melts your mind. Now imagine that dish was spiked with a ton of hot sauce. Yep, that’s us, in a nutshell. We also make games and are based in London, England.

The Dangerous Kitchen is Amit Rai, Lucy Dove and Shaun Roopra, best served in this order.


There was nothing miraculous about The Dangerous Kitchen’s birth, no explosive beginning and they are certainly not built upon heaps of ‘blood money’ obtained through a myriad of fraudulent activities—erm scratch the last bit. No, The Dangerous Kitchen is simply composed of three people who met at university and decided to make games.


The Dangerous Kitchen is hard at work on their first game De Mambo whilst also pondering a pizza based theory of relativity.


Not yet happened.

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>>Click here to download the fact sheet and all assets in zip format<<



>>Click here to download the fact sheet and all assets in zip format<<


Tokyo Games Show 2015: 4Gamer Indie Prize Nominee

Press Quotes

“De Mambo comes together with some artful presentation – its menus are a thing to savour and would no doubt do Sakurai himself proud” – Eurogamer
“There’s something certifiably wacky and insane about all of this, and it has my attention.” – Cliqist
“日本製ゲームの種子がイギリスで花開く!!” (“The seed of Japanese games blooms in the U.K.!”) – Famitsu
“A mixture of the bizarre and the smart, the artistic and the lunatic.” – Thumbsticks
“分かりやすいゲームデザインなので徐々に夢中になってしまう” (“With its easy to pick up game design, De Mambo sucks you in.”) – 4Gamer


Gamespark: 英国製ACT『De Mambo』は女性人気も高し!―ノンバーバルなゲーム性に注目 (Japanese)
Cliqist: De Mambo, The Insane Game Made In A Premier Inn’s Lobby
VG247: VG247: This dev team is making a Smash Bros.-style one-button action game from a hotel lobby
4Gamer:【[TGS 2015]レトロでシンプルで奥深い。だから対戦が熱くなるインディーズゲーム,「De Mambo」を紹介 (Japanese)
WASDUK: Hands on Preview De Mambo

Eurogamer: Meet the dev making a Switch game in a Hounslow Costa Coffee
Famitsu: 良質な海外インディーゲームが一気に押し寄せてきた!! コーラス・ワールドワイド出展タイトルリポート【TGS 2016】(Japanese)
Push Square: Feature: The PS4 Game That’s Being Built in a Hotel Lobby
Vita Lounge: De Mambo is cooking in The Dangerous Kitchen
Famitsu:【[TGS 2015]レトロでシンプルで奥深い。だから対戦が熱くなるインディーズゲーム,「De Mambo」を紹介 (Japanese)
Thumbsticks: De Mambo: An interview with the Premier Inndie
WASDUK: Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Fajita
Thumbsticks: Creating De Mambo – The Dangerous Kitchen Interview

Video Previews:
Famitsu: Preview【ファミ通ch】『DE MAMBO (デマンボ)』をプレイ! 4代目ファミ通ゲーマーズエンジェルのゲー活 (Japanese)
Dengeki: Preview【Switch新作先行プレイ】『デ・マンボ』deふ~どと4人同時対戦! (Japanese)
Nintendo: Nyandies Special ニャニャニャ! ネコマリオタイム ニャンディーズ スペシャ (Japanese)
Nintendo: Japanese Nintendo Direct
Radius Festival Vienna 2015: Night Show

>>Click here to download the fact sheet and all assets in zip format<<


Lucy Dove
Animator, Designer, Marketing, Web code, Game design
Lucy's Twitter Lucy's Mail

Shaun Roopra
Artist, Writer, Sound design, Research, Game design
Shaun's Twitter Shaun's Mail

Amit Rai
Programmer, Animator, Composer, Game design
Shaun's Twitter Amit's Mail