The Dangerous Kitchen’s Private Policy of Privacy

Information we collect from you?

So over the years, we’ve collected a lot of information about you, including your blood type, your shoe size, your second-favourite cousin Frank’s date of birth and most importantly how often you cut your toenails.

Actual information we collect from you is your name, email address, country and favourite food.

Why do we collect this information?

We collect this information from you because we love you. We really do. Everything you do is sublime and violently attractive.

Actual reason why is because we simply want to contact you occasionally (name and email) and are curious about our wonderful fans (country and favourite food).

Who we share the information with?

We simply share your valued information with the highest bidder, be they on the black market or a meagre telemarketing scam agency, we’re not fussy.

Actual people we share the information with is no one!

22 May 2018