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Today, as a bearer of bad news, sadness fills my mouth with a phantom taste that resembles something… not so nice.

Yooksin is on hold dear readers. Repent! Repent your sins I tell you! The end is nigh!

Instead, we are hanging up the usual game development routine for a new life south of the border—and no, this has nothing to do with that armed robbery we may or may not have been involved in…

A short hiatus if you will, to brush up on certain code-like game development duties, gather funds and to rest (well, some of us) the brained, jellylike forms we’ve recently become.

In this short, mind development hiatal period and as a result of the oncoming Smashpocalypse, it has been prophesised that we must mark this occasion with our own Smash Bros like game. It seems this game has a mind of its own like some kind of spoiled brat that carelessly dreams of being all the Power Rangers at once. Not just picking one, like us normal folk.

Currently, it has no name and unlike the no-name archetypal character in Hollywood cinema, it is not purposeful—we just haven’t had that marvellous gut-punch of inspiration as of yet.

Yooksin will return; the tides of fate are too strong to disallow it not to.

Farewell dear reader and bless you (if you miraculously managed to sneeze as you read this).


Yooksin will never return and the creatively bankrupt Dangerous Kitchen are dead forever.

Shaun Roopra
Written by Shaun Roopra
My mission is to eradicate the life form you humans call pizza. I'm also an artist and writer at The Dangerous Kitchen.